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Vaudeville · of · the · Damned

She wants her cup of stars.

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Let me know if you are really sad that your mom threw out your Strawberry Shortcakes ten years ago. My mom didn't, and I can't bear to, but they are taking up space around here. I'll send them free to anyone here who will love them (even if you're just gonna mod them).
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Here is why I am not signing the "keep Sarah Palin off Discovery" petition going around: for one thing, I don't believe in censorship. Don't like it? Don't watch it. Perhaps more importantly, I hope that she will continue overexposing herself and the novelty will wear off and everyone will lose interest. And frankly, the ratings will speak much louder than an internet meme: if her show bombs (as I'm sure it will), what media venue is going to touch her with a ten foot pole?

And while I'm complaining about politics I'd just like to say: fuck Cape Cod. You don't want your
view ruined? Boo hoo hoo. How's the view off the Florida coast these days, assholes? Yeah, it's a bummer about those migratory birds that might get screwed, but given that the alternative is to suffocate them in our carbon emissions, those guys are facing a lose-lose at this point. So stop pretending you're awesome environmentalist liberals just because you drive a Prius and drink your latte from a reusable cup. 
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printing my thesis as we speak maybe MAYBE just maybe i can write real posts again soon!!

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A significant proportion of my characters are either precocious but emotionally retarded female children, or grouchy older ladies who exist in a sphere of surly comfort.

Perhaps I should spread out and write about something that's not my personal past or my definite future.

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Sometimes I kick myself for not being in New York.

A Failed Entertainment: Selections from the filmography of James O. Incandenza is showing at Columbia University in February. Any of you New Yawkahs planning to go? If so, please report back!

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This month Sarah Cornwell, who is one of my most talented colleagues at the Michener Center, has stories up at two different magazines. You can check them both out online: "The Blind Man Dreamed of a Vestibule" is at Zahir, and "Champlain"--which remains one of my favorite pieces of writing I've seen in these past few years--is up at Hunger Mountain. I highly recommend them.
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I've decided to move my blogging life over to dreamwidth. The reason for this is basically that I'm tired of looking at advertisements hovering about my writing, and they've been increasingly obnoxious and difficult to ignore over here at livejournal. Dreamwidth has allowed me to easily import all my shit from here to there, so the blog will stay pretty well continuous (I haven't even changed the name. Change bad!).

I will be leaving my livejournal intact to stay in touch with my friends here. I'll also be using my livejournal to provide links to my dreamwidth posts for the time being, so I'll still end up on your friends page when I start posting again--all you'll have to do is click the link I provide if you're interested in seeing what I'm up to. And if you're logged into your livejournal account you're cleared to comment on the dreamwidth blog--all of you who are friended here have "open ID's" set up over there to engage with my stuff if you like.

Please do. I love you guys.

Hopefully this will go smoothly. Livejournal just has more people, more literary communities, more diversity at this point than dreamwidth (only because dreamwidth is young, but still), and I've gotten so much out of my relationships over here. I have no interest in losing that. But I really am offended by LJ's irritating use of advertising, and this is the best way I've found to make peace with that.

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Wow it's been a while you guys. Let me get you caught up on my past three months:


Now you're caught up.

So obviously I've been bloody rotten at keeping up with you guys, and will likely remain so for a while. If you've got good/bad news to share, need to whinge on an empathetic shoulder, or miss me horribly and yearn for my glorious conversation, drop me e-mails at zenithblue@gmail.com. I am also bad at keeping up with my e-mail right now but I will do my best to stay in touch. I am also get-in-touchable via facebook. Just don't try to get me in on Mafia Wars, I am trying to graduate my program with at least a part of a novel.

I miss you all and hope someday I'll have a slacker job again whereby I can surf the net all day and read your blogs. Love.
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I haven't really editorialized on the health care thing much in part because I don't have a level detached philosophical response to provide. That said, I'd like to put my opinion forward now.

Shut the fuck up, you fucking moron assholes. Shut up you fucking senators who already fucking have government subsidized health care that, by the way, my tax dollars are paying for. Shut up you crazy people at town hall meetings. Wipe the spittle from your mouths. If I had a way to make sure each and every one of you were without health care for a year or two, I'd do it. I'd push that button.

As an uninsured American with a number of "pre-existing conditions," whose income bracket lurks somewhere in the vicinity of the poverty line, I'd like to invite you paranoid backwards pieces of shit to seriously shut. The fuck. Up. Basically every word out of your mouth is a claim that I don't deserve to be healthy, that many of the people I love don't deserve to be healthy. Frankly, if we don't get some kind of public plan, I will be clamoring for euthanasia options for my remaining elderly relatives, because none of them will be able to afford to live in anything resembling comfort.

And by the way, I'm guessing some of you people are the ones who like to blame the unions for everything that goes wrong with our economy. Those unions are the only reason anyone has any kind of private health care, just so you know. Otherwise the hegemonic rich dudes who are encouraging you poor white trash to make so much noise at town hall meetings wouldn't have reason to give you shit.
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